Planning – Fracking

Andrew WilliamsFracking, Planning

Planning – The house is the wrong colour.

A woman from Lancashire designed her new house and chose the colour grey for the external walls, as the bricks they had wanted weren’t available. Part of the planning approval stated that the external colours had to be agreed prior to the works commencing.
The design of the house was granted planning permission and the home was built. She then made a planning application for alterations for wet room but was told by the council that she had to change the external colour of the property. They said that the property being grey was “excessively prominent and harmful to the local area’s character“.
As her planning appeal has been turned down the property may have to be repainted at an estimated cost of £20,000.00.
Fracking – Causes property prices to fall.
We have a London based client who has been engaging our services as help built up a portfolio of properties in the Greater Manchester area. Unfortunately Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) raised its ugly head and he pulled out of a number of purchases.
For those who don’t know Fracking refers to the method used to extract gas or oil from shale rock by injecting large volumes of water containing a number of additives. This includes sand and lubricating fluids into the rock under high pressure.
Shale gas or oil is trapped within impermeable shale rock, as opposed to conventional natural gas deposits such as those under the North Sea, which are trapped below impermeable rock. Therefore simply drilling down to it is not enough. The rock has to be fractured at high pressure or to get the gas or oil out.
The reason for deciding not to buy is that Fracking can cause earth tremors and property prices to fall in the affected areas.