Badly flooded gardens

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We have a client who has a badly flooded gardens. The gardens in question have been flooding for at least 12 years. The flooding is so bad that three quarters of the rear garden is flooded for at least four months of the year. Even in dry weather, the ground under foot is soft. Despite many letters to the Local Authority and the Local MP pointing out that the flooding is a direct consequence of building works in the area, the LA have denied all responsibility

The owner is now left with solving a problem that is not of his own making.

Where groundwater rises to the surface or remains pooling for months at a time an underground “French Drain” (perforated pipes surrounded by pea gravel) is the only real solution to the problem.

The perforated pipes / pea gravel are buried in the ground. This system allows surface water to drain away. It also lowers the general water level in the surrounding land (water-table). These drains can be difficult to install because the contractor has to contend with water immediately filling the excavations while he is trying to construct the drains. To stop this happening, it is usually to have a temporary water pump and long pipes to take the water away while the drains are being installed.

Once the drains are completed, the excess water will then be taken away from the garden. As the falls (slope on the drains) on this property will not allow a gravity system to work, an electric pump will be needed to force the collected water into the drainage system serving the house. Systems requiring pumps can be expensive to install.

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