RICS Home Buyer (Homebuyer) Survey and Valuation

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Chartered Surveyors   The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has designed the Homebuyer (Home Buyer) Survey and Valuation report to provide a prospective purchaser with basic information in a standardised format. It includes details of: General condition and form of construction. Significant factors which might influence or affect value. Market value. Valuation for insurance. Information is provided in a simple, straightforward … Read More

Party Wall Awards

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  Party Wall Work The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 introduced a procedure for resolving disputes between owners of neighbouring properties, arising as a result of one owner’s intention to carry out works which would affect the party wall, involve the construction of a party wall or boundary wall at (or adjacent to) the line of junction between the two … Read More

Arcadia’s Children – out soon

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After eleven wasted years of military service and after being shot by a gun toting Ardenese thug, the last thing that Mick Tarmy needed was to be blackmailed into becoming part of Samantha’s dangerous world. More importantly, as a highly trained and heavily armed special services group had already been wiped out by the Great Ones, he had no desire … Read More

Tenants liable for damages of £70,000 in case concerning onerous break clause because of poorly kept fence

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Reproduced from Property Surveying Tenants liable for damages of £70,000 in case concerning onerous break clause because of poorly kept fence Ref. Sirhowy Investments Limited v Henderson & Knight (2014) The case provides a particularly stark warning to tenants considering agreeing a lease which contains onerous break clause conditions. In this instance, Mr Henderson and Miss Knight, the tenants, rented … Read More

Arcadia’s Children – Author Andrew R Williams

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If the Great One’s plan succeeds nothing will ever be the same again. Both Quinn and Nonne Tomio start to suspect what is going on but will they be able to prevent it. Arcadia’s children will shortly be published as an ebook. If you require more details email andrew@andrewrwilliams.co.uk or twitter @plans2extend

Sulphate attack on concrete floor slabs

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Solid ground floor slabs can suffer from sulphate attack.  This is a serious problem because the floor slabs sometimes expand causing structural damage to the main load bearing walls of a building. Sulphate attack occurs when the contents of the hardcore fill material that has been used beneath the floor slab contains Sulphate and there is enough moisture in the … Read More