Planning Permission not obtained.

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The London Borough Ealing issued an enforcement notice against Dragan Milinkovic in 2011 because planning permission had not been obtained to convert a house he owned into three flats.

The enforcement notice requiring him to stop using the building as flats.  The council also maintained that the flats were substandard.

When the enforcement notice was ignored, a letter of caution was issued by the council in January 2014. This was once again ignored by Milinkovic.

In the court case that followed, Ealing secured a £66,000 confiscation order. (Milinkovic had to hand over the profits that he’d made from the illegal conversion.

He was also fined £2700.00 and had to pay costs of £4762.00.

It is a warning that converting houses into flats with the proper permissions can be a very costly contravention.

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