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The first book in the Series – Arcadia’s Children : Samantha’s Revenge is now out on AMAZON



After losing her mercenary force in the Fyfield Valley, Samantha is looking for revenge. She wants to make the Great Ones pay for their impudence. Although murderous thoughts aren’t normal in droids, let alone an advanced humanoid like an Ingermann-Verex R9054, Samantha has them. Worse, as she is Deputy Director of Minton Mining Company’s security branch, she is not the type you cross.

However, as the massacre could only have been caused by breaches of security, she is forced to accept the Great Ones have powerful mental abilities which neither humans nor a standard droid could equal. Not wishing to repeat her first mistake by sending in more troops, she has to find another way to hit back, another way to give the Great Ones a bloody nose.
When hapless Henry, one of the spettri imprisoned at Anubis Crater is nearly murdered by the other inmates, he turns Quisling and provides Samantha with enough information to re-evaluate her enemy. Based upon Henry’s insider knowledge, the Deputy Director goes from plotting, to planning her revenge.
During this period she discovers that Claire Warmers (Hal Warmers’ partner) has special abilities. (She can metamorphose.) She then discovers that Detective Corporal Mick Tarmy has special mental abilities. Realising that she could weld them into a team to fight the Great Ones, Samantha makes things happen. Once she’s blackmailed Tarmy and Warmers into co-operation, she provides them with false identities. Tarmy becomes Mick Tarleton, a known terrorist. Claire Warmers reincarnates as Claire Hyndman, a deceased Archaeologist.
After teleporting to one of the space stations circling Arcadia, Tarmy is taken to Fort Saunders by shuttle. Although Tarmy has been seconded to MMC’s security branch, he finds it difficult not to think like a police officer and endangers the operation by defending a security guard from a murderous attack. Because he defended the security guard, he is later subjected to a revenge attack but Claire Hyndman drives off his attackers and saves his life.

While Tarmy (Tarleton) is recovering from his injuries, the Great Ones contact him and Samantha insists that he leaves for Cittavecchia which is in the Fyfield Valley. Once there, he is kidnapped by the Great Ones because they wish to acquire his bomb-making skills. Under the threat of death he is forced to convert a miniature pulse drive engine into a powerful bomb.
Luckily for him, Claire Hyndman (Warmers ) has a secret that she’s never shared with Samantha. She has a secret protector, a left over from when she was Hal Warmers’ partner. After capturing an air-car, Claire and her “invisible friend” come to Tarmy’s rescue. As he doesn’t want the miniature pulse drive engine to be used by the Great Ones, he takes it with him as he leaves.

Once Samantha realises that they have the miniature pulse drive engine, she is determined to use it against her enemy. She also decides that Tarmy and Hyndman have served their purpose and deliberately sends them on a suicide mission. Luckily for both Tarmy and Hyndman, the invisible friend intervenes and helps them escape from the clutches of the Great Ones.
Once he has made good his escape, Tarmy realises that as Samantha has broken her word to him, she also intends to go back on her other promises. Knowing his daughter, Amanda and his old police colleagues, Ord Morley, Ben Lieges and Vlad Pen are at risk, Tarmy sends Hyndman’s invisible friend back to Arden to warn them.


Top Customer Reviews
I can’t wait for the sequel. Arcadia’s Children Samantha’s revenge by Andrew Williams, Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge keeps you riveted with it’s plot twists and turns. The mixture of fantasy and fiction is mindblowing. From the scary humanoid Samantha to the Spettri and the Arcadia’s Children was a fascinating and thrilling encounter that made it difficult to stop reading. The book portrays intense features such as battles, revenge, attempted murder and ultimately; death. I would recommend this book to anyone who is mesmerised by the world of fantasy and science fiction.

What a beautifully written book with excellent plot structure and the sort of story that is suitable for all ages. My 7 year old son enjoyed this and so did my nan who is in her nineties.

Would recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys a challenging and thought provoking read
A cracking good read. Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge I really enjoyed the exciting journey through the world filled with aliens, robots, clones and futuristic worlds.


After changing shape several times, the ball eventually turned into a huge face. It floated alongside the air-car. This time, time instead of sending him mental message, the face spoke out aloud and the whole air-car vibrated with its intensity. “If you are foolish enough to renege on your contract, you will be severely punished. For your sake, I hope you wouldn’t do such a thing.” When Tarmy made no attempt to respond, the face turned and pressed itself against the millipede-free window. A moment later, Tarmy felt the fat slug entering his mind, the sign that the face was attempting to use its powers to obtain his response by other means. But as the slug dug deeper, Samantha’s cover stories began springing out of the corners of his mind. Instead of obtaining Tarmy’s agreement, all that the face saw was a burning army transporter surrounded by bodies. Undeterred, the face continued its assault. Samantha had anticipated that Tarmy might come up against an adept, so the mental images of death and destruction flowed unchecked. After failing to break Tarmy’s defences, the face removed the slug and tried reason. “You can’t win, Mr Tarleton, so why don’t you do yourself a favour and cooperate? It will be better for you in the long run. Now, where is the miniature pulse drive engine?” Tarmy realised why the millipedes hadn’t been allowed to attack. It was obvious that the Great Ones were hoping to retrieve the engine. When Tarmy didn’t respond, the face said, “I am prepared to overlook your desertion if you agree to tell us where the engine is and also honour your contract by showing us how to convert the engine into a bomb.”

About the Author
In real life, Andrew R Williams is a Chartered Surveyor. When twilight falls, he starts writing. Andrew has written two technical books – Domestic Building Surveys and A Practical Guide to Alterations and Extensions. Arcadia’s Children is his first novel. He is currently working on a sequel. Andrew lives in England, UK and is married to Geraldine. Hobbies include, writing, basic astronomy and having a good time. He’s an active member of the local BNI group.