Its very good shark repellent

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“This is going to cost me a £110,000.00,” worried client says. “Can you help me?” There’s nothing like the prospect of losing money that makes people start searching for answers (or grasping a straws) “What going to cost you £110,000.00?” I ask. “This schedule thing,” The client explains, waving it at me over the phone. “They want £110,000 grand.” “Who … Read More

Photographic condition Surveys

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Commercial leases usually stipulate that the tenant is responsible for any repairs during and at the end of a tenancy. When the lease expires, the landlord will instruct a schedule of dilapidations to be prepared. If existing defects aren’t recorded, there is a strong chance that the Landlord will insist that the tenant pays for pre-existing faults. Benefits of a … Read More

The House That Had Everything

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As a Chartered Surveyor I regularly carry out Home Inspection Surveys and Home Buyer Reports. A week or so ago I was asked to carry out an inspection survey at a terraced house in my local area. The house would have made an ideal house for a trainee home inspector to visit and test their skills. On this particular Home Buyer … Read More