1) These Conditions of Engagement are designed to clarify to the Client the scope and extent of the Survey and type of Report to be undertaken and prepared by Andrew R Williams and Company Ltd, Chartered Surveyors.

2) The Report will advise the Client as to the Surveyors opinion of the state of repair and condition of the fabric of the property which are reasonably accessible subject to the under mentioned restrictions and conditions .

3) It must be pointed out that the Surveyor cannot cause damage to someone else’s property and, therefore, concealed parts of the building and structure will not be opened up or disturbed . Parts of the building which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible will not be inspected and, as such, we will not be able to report or establish the condition in that location . We will, however, advise that certain parts require opening up to facilitate a more detailed investigation depending on circumstances, which may mean a further visit to the premises, once the vendor’s permission ha s been sought, to enable this to be done . The Surveyor, will inspect as much of the surface areas as is practicable, and will lift loose floorboards and trap doors where accessible, but will be under no obligation to raise fixed floorboards or to inspect those areas of the property that are covered, unexposed or are not readily accessible . Inspection will therefore exclude both the roof space, if there is no or no reasonably accessible roof hatch and the outer surfaces of the roof if they cannot be readily seen . Similarly, inaccessible flat roofs over 3.0 metres (10.0″) above ground level will not be inspected . The Report will not purport to express an opinion about or to advise upon the condition of uninspected parts and should not be taken as making any implied representation or statement about such parts, nor will it list minor defects which do not materially affect the value of the property . Any such defects that may be referred to should not imply that the property is free from other such defects.

4. External inspection of chimney stacks and upper structure s will be made where possible and practical from above or by using a 3.0m telescopic Surveyor’s ladder . In the event of easy access not being able to gained, binocular inspection will be made as an alternative .

5. Testing of rainwater goods such as gutters and valley gutters will not be carried out, this being beyond the scope of this particular Survey. Obvious defects visibly apparent at the time of the inspection will be commented upon .

6. Foundations are not exposed during the course of the Surve y and, therefore, we cannot comment as to the type, depth and thickness of the foundations, nor are we able to determine the type of sub-soil conditions. Where cracking or distortion are evident in walls, the Surveyor will comment and advise accordingly. Calculations to check the strength of the structural fabric will not be undertaken.

7. Access to the roof voids will be gained where reasonable trap doors or hatches are available . Comments relating to the suitability of the structure will be made, although calculations to check the strength of the structural element will be considered beyond the scope of this particular type of survey.

8. Flueways will not be opened up, these not being able to be full inspected, and the viability of the flue lining or fireplace cannot always be determined.

9. Fitted floor coverings and heavy items of furniture will not be moved and, therefore, total overall inspection of the floor structure will not be able to be made . Access to the sub-floor will, however, be made where possible or practical, but will only be gained where access hatches or loose floorboards are made available. This with the express permission of the Vendor.

10. Specialist service tests can be arranged at additional fee although, unless previously determined, no services tests will be carried out to chimney flues, drains, gullies or other utilit y services, electrical, gas, hot water and cold water systems , central heating or any other service . General overall comments will be made as far as possible and practical . The Surveyor will not be responsible for arranging the testing of services, unless specifically instructed to do so.

11. Overall comment will be made relating to any garage , outbuildings, boundaries and gardens, although specialist structures such as swimming pools, saunas, conservatories, tennis courts or other such structures will not be inspected, other than to comment as to the location.

12. Easements, Planning Proposals and relevant Planning and Building Regulations Approvals are considered to be outside the scope of a Building (Structural)Survey, although general overall comments may be able to be made.

13. The Surveyor reserves the right reduce or increase the extent of the Survey according to the circumstances.

14 . Unless otherwise expressly stated, in making the Report, the following assumptions will be made :

(a) that no High Alumina Cement Concrete, calcium chlorate additive, asbestos or other deleterious or hazardous materials or techniques have been used and that it is impracticable t o comment on the state of any wall ties ;

(b) that they house is not subject to any unusual or especially onerous restrictions, encumbrances or outgoings and that good title can be shown ;

(c) that the house and its value are unaffected by any matter s which would be revealed by a Local Search (or Search in Scotland ) and Replies to the Usual Enquiries, or by a Statutory Notice, an d that neither the property, nor its condition, nor its use, no r its intended use, is or will be unlawful ;

(d) that inspection of those parts which have not been inspecte d would not reveal material defects.

15 . The Report is provided for the sole use of the Client and confidential to the Client and/or his Legal Advisers . The Report will be prepared with the skill and care expected of a competent ,qualified Chartered Surveyor, but accepts no responsibility whatsoever to any other person other than the Client . The Report should not be reproduced without express permission from Andrew R Williams and Associates Ltd. The Surveyor will be under no duty to verify these assumptions.

16 . A verbal Report can be provided, if specifically requested , but does have limitations and can lead to misunderstandings . The Report will be forwarded to you as soon as practical after the initial Survey has been carried out . We would advise that you read and understand the full written Report before exchanging contracts on the proposed purchase or take action as consequence of our recommendations .

17 . It is always sensible to obtain estimates from reputable Building or other Contractors for carrying out any repairs or other works proposed prior to exchanging contracts .

18 . The Client agrees to pay Andrew R . Williams and Associates Ltd Company the agreed fee in respect of the Domestic Building (Structural ) Survey and Report on the Condition, and any expressly agree d disbursements including the amount of any added tax on the fee . The fee becoming payable once the Report has been collected or posted to the Client.

19 . A cancellation fee will be charged if a fixed appointment ha s

been made and cancelled within 60 hours of the said appointment .However, should the Client re-instruct within 3 months, the cancellation fee will be deduced from the agreed quote fee at that time .