Home Buyer Report

A survey is much more detailed than a basic valuation, and is for the buyer’s benefit rather than the mortgage lender. The most common type of report at Andrew R Williams Ltd is the RICS Home Buyer Report. While less comprehensive than a full structural survey, a home buyers report gives a good indication of the condition of the property and its level of repair and maintenance.  The home buyers report is concise and user-friendly aiding the buyer in their decision to by the property by reporting on the properties condition, value, need for repairs and replacements and what further advice is required before completing the purchase.

When carrying out the report we check all visible parts of the property, such as the condition of the roof, damp tests and loft, pointing out any areas that require work or further specialist surveys required, such as cavity wall tie inspections. The report will also detail any issues that should be discussed with your solicitor, such as rights of way and an estimation of the value of the property.

Properties receive colour coded condition ratings, based on our experience and professional judgement on the state of repair of elements of the building. A green rating indicates no repairs are necessary, whilst red points to serious defects that require urgent attention, making the assessment more straightforward for the buyer.

To deliver the home buyers report Andrew R Williams & Associates are required to be RICS members and hold a valid HomeBuyer license and you can use us with confidence as we have delivered thousands of Home Buyer Reports to prospective buyers. Contact us via the quote form or call us on 0151 426 9660.

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