VAT and Listed Buildings

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You would think that the government would try to assist the owner of the owner of a listed building or scheduled monument. After all, the owner of such a building is helping to preserve the national heritage. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although “Alterations” are VAT exempt, repair and maintenance work isn’t. So, if you want to re-slating a … Read More

Photographic Inspection Advice

Andrew WilliamsPhotographic Condition Reports

This is similar to normal Acquisition Advice, however, the client may or may not meet the surveyor at the property at the end of the inspection. The surveyor would take a photograph of everything that he or she would report on in a typical survey and provide the client with a disc of photographs. A written index is provided if … Read More

House prices still falling in most parts of UK

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A recent RICS Housing Market Survey indicates that both supply and demand for property have stayed low, and prices are still falling in every region of the UK except London. Wales and the West Midlands saw the largest falls in house prices in the month, and yet the West Midlands had the highest level of newly agreed sales. The South … Read More

Want to save money?

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Do your want to save money on your gas bill? Do your want to save money on your electric bill? Do your want to save money on your telephone bill? Do your want to save money on your mobile? Do your want to save money on your broadband? Would like to pay for all your services on one Bill? Then … Read More

Preparing for the winter – what can you do to fight rising energy prices?

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Insulate your home to save energy and money Every supplier is offering free or cut-price deals for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and other measures. Full loft and cavity wall insulation could help stop your home leaking heat and save you more than £100 a year on your energy bill. Swap supplier You may be able to save up to £200 … Read More

Sulphate attack on concrete floor slabs

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Solid ground floor slabs can suffer from sulphate attack.  This is a serious problem because the floor slabs sometimes expand causing structural damage to the main load bearing walls of a building. Sulphate attack occurs when the contents of the hardcore fill material that has been used beneath the floor slab contains Sulphate and there is enough moisture in the … Read More

The leaning Tower of London.

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London can now rival Pisa. It would seem that Big Ben has developed a distinct lean and it’s getting worse every year. At the present moment the top of the tower is now almost one and a half feet off the perpendicular, a difference so substantial that the tower can now be seen to be leaning with the naked eye.

Plannning Applications

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Andrew R Williams & Associates can advise on planning matters and prepare and submit the necessary documentation. Services extend from preliminary advice regarding planning matters to the presentation of planning appeals at public hearings. Typically, we can: Provide advice on planning matters, Agree with the client an appropriate planning strategy, and Submit a planning application for the required works. This may … Read More

Party Wall Work

Andrew WilliamsParty Wall

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 introduced a procedure for resolving disputes between owners of neighbouring properties, arising as a result of one owner’s intention to carry out works which would affect the party wall, involve the construction of a party wall or boundary wall at or adjacent the line of junction between the two properties or excavation within certain … Read More