Call for turbine exclusion zones rejected.

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The call to impose minimum distance requirements between wind turbines and homes and offshore wind farms and the coast has been rejected by the British Government. Each case will be assessed on its merits and will take into account such things as the local topography and site specific information.

The Party Wall Act

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I have Planning Permission why do I need to bother with the Party Wall Act. The truth is, Planning Permission may not be enough. More importantly, legal action can be very costly.  The Party Wall Act is an enabling act designed to protect Building Owner (someone carrying out building works) and adjoining owners. Compared to legal action, the cost of appointing a … Read More

Guide launched to transform run-down shopping parades

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Neighbourhood planning is one of a number of initiatives highlighted by a new report from the Department for Communities and Local Government which sets out measures for transforming run-down shopping streets into decent areas. New research shows that local shopping parades – traditionally a neighbourhood preserve of convenience shops, greengrocers, newsagents and cafés – are crucial to the economy. The … Read More

Why do we need more new homes?

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England’s chronic home shortage is well publicised.  In order to provide more building land, the Government is releasing its own land for development. But why does Britain need more homes? Some reasons are listed below:- Single Occupation In past years, families would live under one roof, grandparents through to grandchildren. Now there is a trend towards single occupation caused by divorce … Read More