The Premium Building Survey

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A Building Survey, often referred to as a structural survey is a custom written report suitable for property of both conventional and unconventional construction and any age or size. This is a comprehensive report tailored to suit a particular property and will highlight defects, repairs and maintenance options. This type of report is essential for larger, older or more complex … Read More


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USE CLASS DESCRIPTION Class A1 – Shops Shops and Factory Outlets, Post Offices, Travel and Ticket Agents, Sandwich Bars and Pasties Shops, Hairdressers, Funeral Directors and Undertakers, Dry Cleaners, Pet Shops, Coffee Shops, Internet Cafes, Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom, Video Rental, Pharmacies and Off Licences Class A2 – Financial and Professional Services Bookmakers and Betting Offices, Banks and Building Societies, … Read More

200,000 homes will face insurance difficulties

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The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has indicated that up to 200,000 homes at risk of flooding will face difficulties in obtaining buildings insurance next year. To highlight this, they have mapped neighbourhoods with the highest risk of flooding in England and Wales, ie. the areas where homeowners will struggle the most to obtain insurance. The greatest risks were found … Read More


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At Andrew R Williams & Associates, Chartered Surveyors, we always ensure that when drafting reports of properties with texture-coated ceilings or walls dating from before the mid-1980s or possibly later we include an asbestos warning. An inquest at Derby and South Derbyshire’s Coroner’s Court, heard how Edwin Shardlow was exposed to asbestos while creating textured ceilings during his work at … Read More

What type of survey do I need?

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Many people do not wish to read long explanations. In which case telephone the Chartered Surveyor where you need a survey or advice and he or she will be happy to discuss and explain the options to you. For those that wish to read a general summary of the most common types of Survey and Advice, read on. This article … Read More


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GREEN DEAL The ‘Green Deal’ intends to reduce carbon emissions cost effectively by revolutionising the energy efficiency of British properties. The new innovative Green Deal financial mechanism eliminates the need to pay upfront for energy efficiency measures and instead provides reassurances that the cost of the measures should be covered by savings on the electricity bill. ECO A new Energy … Read More

Sulphate attack on concrete floor slabs

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Solid ground floor slabs can suffer from sulphate attack.  This is a serious problem because the floor slabs sometimes expand causing structural damage to the main load bearing walls of a building. Sulphate attack occurs when the contents of the hardcore fill material that has been used beneath the floor slab contains Sulphate and there is enough moisture in the … Read More

The leaning Tower of London.

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London can now rival Pisa. It would seem that Big Ben has developed a distinct lean and it’s getting worse every year. At the present moment the top of the tower is now almost one and a half feet off the perpendicular, a difference so substantial that the tower can now be seen to be leaning with the naked eye.

Is there Japanese Knotweed on your site? Identifying and dealing with this invader

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As part of the planning process, most building sites have to be inspected by a qualified arborialist. What if the arborialist’s report indicates that there is Japanese Knotweed lurking on part of the site? Legal requirements Environmental Protection Act 1990 Japanese Knotweed is classified as ‘controlled waste’ and as such must be disposed of safely at a licensed landfill site … Read More

Independent Chartered Surveyor

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An Independent Chartered Surveyor is one who has no large institution or company as owner controlling the Surveyor’s actions and policies. This leaves the Surveyor free to represent the client’s best interests. The only allegiance and responsibility of an Independent Chartered Surveyor is to his or her client while adhering to his or her responsibilities as a Chartered Surveyor. As … Read More