The Premium Building Survey

Andrew WilliamsSurveying

A Building Survey, often referred to as a structural survey is a custom written report suitable for property of both conventional and unconventional construction and any age or size. This is a comprehensive report tailored to suit a particular property and will highlight defects, repairs and maintenance options.

This type of report is essential for larger, older or more complex property or if you are planning major works. The Building Survey will provide detailed information on construction and condition and will include photographs.

The benefits of a Building Survey include

  • Details of the materials used in construction and how they will perform in the future.
  • A description of visible defects and explanation of problems posed by hidden defects.
  • Information on repair options and an explanation of the consequences of not acting
  • A focus on defects which require urgent attention
  • Information on problems which may be dangerous to occupiers or pose a risk to the building
  • Advice on future maintenance
  • Highlighting of issues to be investigated by your legal adviser
  • Photographs highlighting defects and other issues relevant to the property