Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Andrew WilliamsEnergy Performance Certificates

What is a Commercial EPC?

Since 1st October 2008 it has become law that you must obtain a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate, “EPC” if you sell or lease any commercial property.

The EPC is a certificate that shows the energy performance of the property in question. The EPC is a document that calculates the amount of energy used by the property to heat and light it. It is based upon average levels of usage for a property of that type rather than the actual amount of energy used by the current occupants.

A Commercial EPC is really like the energy rating that you would get on a fridge or other electrical appliance. Along with energy consumption, the epc rating shows how much carbon dioxide is emitted to heat and light the property and the rating given is from A to G

The EPC will be supported by a recommendations report   that makes suggestions about how the energy performance can be improved.

Who can prepare an epc?

The EPC can only be prepared be someone who is qualified as a Commercial Energy Assessor (dipNDEA) who is accredited and insured. Andrew R Williams & Associates have all the necessary qualifications.

How much does it cost?

Give us a call and brief details of the building and we will give you an online quotation or contact us through our website.

We will then contact you to arrange your EPC. You will need to give us access to your property and the inspection will take about an hour. We will then lodge the EPC and give a copy to you and whoever is handling the lease or sale of your property if this is required.