Community Right to Build Funding

Andrew WilliamsNews

Funding of £17m is available for communities to use their new Right to Build. The cash will help local people get their building projects off the drawing board – with an ‘early bird bonus’ for those that move quickly and get plans in early. And a new support hub is offering help and advice.

Under the new Community Right to Build, communities are able to approve new local developments without the need to go through the normal planning application process.

As long as the proposals meet certain criteria and there is the backing of more than 50 per cent of voters in a local referendum, these projects will get the go-ahead.

The Right to Build can be used for whatever communities need to make their neighbourhoods prosper and can include:

  • family houses to sell or rent
  • community halls
  • homes designed specifically to meet the needs of older people
  • children playgrounds
  • shops and business facilities

For those looking for advice and support, community charity Locality launched a new website, phone line, seminars and one-to-one mentoring

The fund will be run by the Homes and Communities Agency.