Frequently asked questions concerning Energy Performance Certificates on holiday lets in England and Wales.

Andrew WilliamsEnergy Performance Certificates

Is an Energy Performance Certificate needed for holiday accommodation?

In certain circumstances, yes – basically, an Energy Performance Certificate is required whenever a property is rented out (unless it is intended to be used for less than 4 months in a year), including when it is rented for use as holiday accommodation. A rental arrangement is one where a person pays the property owner for the exclusive use of the property.

Under what circumstances is an EPC not required for a holiday let?

An EPC is not required for a holiday let where:

  • the property is rented out for less than 4 months in a year; or
  • it is let under a licence to occupy – regardless of the amount of time it is occupied.
  • A licence to occupy is an arrangement where the holiday maker does not have exclusive use of the property, for example, where the property owner or their representative has the right to access the premises during the period of the booking.

At what point is an Energy Performance Certificate required?

On sale, rent or construction of a building. The owner or managing agent of the holiday let must obtain the Certificate at, or before the point, when a property is first rented out

What about mobile homes, caravans and park homes?

Mobile homes, caravans and park homes as defined by regulations 3 are exempt.