Government wants clampdown on illegal encampments

Andrew WilliamsNews

One of the problems that council face is that people are setting up unauthorised encampments at weekends, or bank holiday periods illegally while council offices are closed.

Because it is often not possible to take enforcement act at weekends or bank holidays. This then means that no enforcement action is taken to prevent the cutting down of protected trees or the laying of concrete drives is delayed or too late.

Eric Pickles has been putting pressure on councils to clamp down on illegal encampments and to stop unauthorised traveller sites being set up. He has also issued new guidance which has been sent to all council leaders advising how to act swiftly.

The guidance reminds councils of the powers that councils and landowners have to remove illegal and unauthorised encampments. These include traveller sites, protest camps and squatter sites on both public and private land. Mr Pickles has also urged councils to be ready to take action to prevent illegal camps being set up in the first place.

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