Mock Arbitration

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Description: A Mock Arbitration Hearing, starring, His Honour David Gilliland QC, and various informative speakers.

The Hearing will be based on a construction/development payment dispute and will consist of 5 scenes which will cover:

  1. Commentary made by one of the witnesses in respect of correspondence headed ‘Without Prejudice’
  2. Following the Tribunal breaking for the evening, breech of witness warning that the witness should not discuss the arbitration or the evidence to be given with anyone. The witness admits the following day upon recommencement of the hearing that the witness has discussed the arbitration and the evidence to be given with Counsel and the Arbitration Representative of the respective Party.
  3. Evidence given by Witness as to Fact, examined and cross examined by Counsel.
  4. Evidence give by Tribunal appointed Expert, examined and cross examined by Counsel.
  5. Arbitrator’s Award including what happens to costs.

23rd April 2015 18:30 – Price (per attendee): £15.00

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