Photographic condition Surveys

Andrew WilliamsPhotographic Condition Reports

Commercial leases usually stipulate that the tenant is responsible for any repairs during and at the end of a tenancy. When the lease expires, the landlord will instruct a schedule of dilapidations to be prepared.

If existing defects aren’t recorded, there is a strong chance that the Landlord will insist that the tenant pays for pre-existing faults.

Benefits of a Photographic Condition Survey.

Prior to taking on a self-repairing lease, it is wise to have a Photographic Condition Survey carried out. This will ensure that  if the schedulle of delapidations does contain pre-existing faults, they can be easily identified and struck out.

In addition, a photographic condition survey can be used to negotiate with your landlord to have immediate defects corrected prior to your taking over the lease and thus save you considerable sums of money.