Preparing – Drawing – Plans and Submitting

Andrew WilliamsExtensions

What We Do

When helping you to create your desired home, we offer practical advice and guidance to ensure that the end result is best suited to your requirements.

We understand that our clients are individuals and therefore our service is flexible, adaptable and tailored to your needs.

There are several options and we can help you to choose what is best for you whilst ensuring that the work complies with Building Regulations.

These are;


Extending your property to make more space is much cheaper and easier than moving house!

Extensions can either be single or two storey or you could add a conservatory.


This involves altering parts of your house in order to create new and better ways to use existing space.

For example, converting a loft to make an extra bedroom or altering an unused garage to make more living space.


This involves re-modelling parts of your home and is a good idea for clients who want different living accommodation rather than extra living space.

For example, this could involve knocking down internal walls, dividing rooms by adding a partition wall or installing downstairs toilets.

Build Your Own

Many people dream of building their own property. We can help this dream to become a reality by helping you to plan the work in minute detail,

taking into account important factors, such as, location, design, requirements from local authorities, budget and choosing the right builder.