Stopping heat going up the flue. – Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices. (PFGHRD)

Andrew WilliamsNews

Over the last few years energy prices had been rising inexorably. Every new international crisis and increasing demand from countries like China pushes fuel prices even higher.

Even if the new Irish oil discoveries provide additional supply and new finds are discovered in UK waters (following the budget) and Cuadrilla are successful in extracting shale gas near Blackpool, (without allegedly causing earthquakes) it seemed reasonable to assume that fuel prices will still just keep on rising. The best we can hope for it if we have a larger domestic supply it will slow the price rises down a bit.

One way of reducing costs (and carbon emissions) is by installing new condensing boilers. However, even these let a significant amount of energy escape.  In order to extract even more heat, some condensing boilers (both gas and oil) are now being fitted with Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices.  (PFGHRD)

These devices are a boiler flue attachment that recover heat from the waste combustion gases and then uses it to pre-heat the domestic hot water supply.  In other words, this device extracts even more heat out of the flue gasses. It works by saving heat that would normally be lost into the air.

An added bonus is that PFGHRDs do not require any more electric power or gas to operate and having pre-warmed water to work with; the boiler can deliver water faster to the tap. The device also reduces water loss because there is less need to run off lukewarm water while waiting for the hot supply to arrive.

As the EU and the UK are looking for more ways to save energy, it won’t be long before all new homes are fitted with these devices.