So what is a Chartered Surveyor?

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I was recently asked to define the phrase Chartered Surveyor.  The text book answer is that a Chartered Surveyor is the description of Professional Members and Fellows of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Only qualified members of the RICS are entitled to use the designation. But, of course, that is not the whole answer because the term Chartered … Read More

There was a Landlord called Flinders

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There was a Landlord called Flinders. Who built a house out of tinders. When the fire started to smoke, His tenants did choke, Then they got burnt to cinders. At Andrew R Williams & Associates, when we are carrying out a Home Condition Survey, we don’t just look for structural problems, we look for health and safety issues that could … Read More

The Future Role of the QS in a Green Environment

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THE FIRST QSi ANNUAL CONFERENCE AND NETWORKING EVENT Cavendish Conference Centre Tuesday, 4 October 2011 The Future Role of the QS in a Green Environment Come and join us for a Conference and Networking event which will focus on key industry issues for all involved in Quantity Surveying. We will also be able to browse a number sponsor stands during the … Read More

Our goals are to solve building problems and to save our clients money

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Our goals are to solve building problems and to save our clients money. We can do this because we are Chartered Quantity Surveyors (RICS) / fully accredited SAVA surveyors and Commercial Energy assessors. For instance; we can prepare estimates for building works / legal claims claims. we prepared at Photographic condition Survey for a client. When their lease was up, … Read More

Crystal balls aren’t essential but could be useful.

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As indicated in a previous notification, the QSi – Quantity Surveyors International are working towards staging a Conference (hopefully October 2011.) We are looking for speakers:- 1)      Who are at the forefront of QS work who can look into the future. Crystal balls aren’t essential but could be useful. 2)      Can predict where will the work come from; what sort of … Read More

Its very good shark repellent

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“This is going to cost me a £110,000.00,” worried client says. “Can you help me?” There’s nothing like the prospect of losing money that makes people start searching for answers (or grasping a straws) “What going to cost you £110,000.00?” I ask. “This schedule thing,” The client explains, waving it at me over the phone. “They want £110,000 grand.” “Who … Read More

Photographic condition Surveys

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Commercial leases usually stipulate that the tenant is responsible for any repairs during and at the end of a tenancy. When the lease expires, the landlord will instruct a schedule of dilapidations to be prepared. If existing defects aren’t recorded, there is a strong chance that the Landlord will insist that the tenant pays for pre-existing faults. Benefits of a … Read More

The House That Had Everything

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As a Chartered Surveyor I regularly carry out Home Inspection Surveys and Home Buyer Reports. A week or so ago I was asked to carry out an inspection survey at a terraced house in my local area. The house would have made an ideal house for a trainee home inspector to visit and test their skills. On this particular Home Buyer … Read More