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FIRSTLY – Photovoltaic technology – IS ROCKET SCIENCE – PV was originally designed for use on satellites. As most satellites remain active for decades, the system is tried and tested. The weather conditions on in Britain are nothing compared to the bombardment to satellites experience in deep space. SECONDLY – WIDELY USED AND TESTED IN GERMANY – Many houses in … Read More

Independent Chartered Surveyor

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An Independent Chartered Surveyor is one who has no large institution or company as owner controlling the Surveyor’s actions and policies. This leaves the Surveyor free to represent the client’s best interests. The only allegiance and responsibility of an Independent Chartered Surveyor is to his or her client while adhering to his or her responsibilities as a Chartered Surveyor. As … Read More

Party Wall Surveyor

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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 introduced a procedure for resolving disputes between owners of neighbouring properties, arising as a result of one owner’s intention to carry out works which would affect the party wall, involve the construction of a party wall or boundary wall at or adjacent the line of junction between the two properties or excavation within certain … Read More

A florist went for a haircut

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One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’ The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a  ‘thank you’ card and a dozen roses … Read More

Saving the Planet – Commercial Energy Report

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One of the many problems facing the UK is the fact that as a nation, we have ignored insulation, boiler efficiency and clapped out power stations for years. The net result is that the country as a whole and most buildings have a massive carbon footprint. This waste of energy and the excessive CO2 emissions that it creates is affecting … Read More

Is your home undervalued?

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Under-valuation of your home could cause you problems in the event of a major fire or flood. Andrew R Williams & Associates Ltd can carry an insurance recognised assessment which is approved by the Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors that allows for:- The size of the property The Type of Property Detached Semi-detached Terraced Bungalow Semi-detached Bungalow Age of Property … Read More


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About 10 years ago, there was a TV documentary about surveyors. Cameras were hidden in test houses and unsuspecting surveyors were invited in to provide reports on the state of the building. I have no doubt that some surveyors spent a lot of time in the property but a few didn’t. Naturally enough the TV Company had a great deal … Read More